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BIRDS (13 files)

Pelicans swimming/ preening themselves. Canadian birds. Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Ruby throated hummingbirds, meadow larks,
MG 2447552014-03-08 
 Keywords: chickadee in trees, blue sky, twigs,
MG 2461692014-03-08 
 Keywords: Red,male cardinal, perched in tree, blue sky behind,
MG 8652 
 Blue Jay. 
 Keywords: Blue Jay perched on branches.
MG 8654 
 Blue Jay. 
 Keywords: Blue Jay puffed up in the cold. Perched in Rhus bush.
MG 8718 
 Blue Jay. 
 Keywords: Blue Jay on post.
MG 8719 
 Blue Jay. 
 Keywords: Blue Jay on post in the sun.
MG 8721 
 Woodpecker flyby. 
 Keywords: Blue Jay, woodpecker flying underneath.
2013 11 201311-15-10 MG 1569 ©HazelMaxted 
 Blue jay 
 Keywords: Blue jay, standing on stem, dead sunflower heads,
2013 11 201311-15-11 MG 1570 ©HazelMaxted 
 Blue jay 
 Keywords: Blue jay, standing on stem,feeding from dead sunflower heads,
2013 11 201311-16-09 MG 1581 ©HazelMaxted 
 Blue jay 
 Keywords: Two jays feeding, dead sunflower head,
2013 11 201311-16-21 MG 1585 ©HazelMaxted 
 Blue jay 
 Keywords: Two jays, perched on dead sunflower stems, blue, beaks, grasses,
2013 11 201311-16-35 MG 1587 ©HazelMaxted 
 Blue jay 
 Keywords: two blue jays feeding, sunflower head,
2013 11 201311-53-49 MG 1650 ©HazelMaxted 
 Blue jay 
 Keywords: Blue Jay at frozen water, bird, bath,

FLOWERS (2 files)

Spring garden flowers, wild milk weed pod. Macro shots tulips.
MG 8538 
 Keywords: fully open flower, centre of tulip with yellow stamens blue background.
MG 9424 
 Floral window. 
 Keywords: Arum lily, white, window frame, flowers, blue sky, yellow stamen, vertical,

HORSES (2 files)

Horses. Mare & foal.
Farrier fitting shoes. Horse in snow. Working horses in harness.
MG 8658 
 Horse in the snow 
 Keywords: chestnut, red, horse, head, white blaze, snow, blue sky, snowy muzzle
2013 09 201309-42-20 MG 1083 ©HazelMaxted 
 Red horse 
 Keywords: Red, chestnut, horse, head, withers, clear blue sky background, white blaze,

PEOPLE (2 files)

The Queen's visit to Startford Upon Avon .
Portrait of a teenager.
MG 7398 
 Ball coming. 
 Keywords: Teenager, looking up, blue, sun, lake, water, head and shoulders,
MG 7399 
 Teenager at the waters edge. 
 Keywords: Torso. teenager, blue, water, sun, lake

PLACES (9 files)

View of the river and church spire Stratford Upon Avon.
London eye views and Eros statue.
Views of the Northumberland Hills, Ontario. Healy Falls and lock gates. Quebec, Prasq'ile Park.
 Fountain with rainbow. 
 Keywords: Water, fountain, rainbow, Statue, Trafalgar Square, blue, clear sky,
WF FEST.HEALYFALLS06.13 2013 07 201309-37-29 MG 0397 ©HazelMaxted 
 Healy Falls 
 Keywords: boat going up stream in lock massive gates blue Healey Falls
MG 4731 
 Sussex woodlands 
 Keywords: landscape, woodlands, green, fields,trees, blue,cloudy,skies, west,sussex,
MG 6712 
 View of Bournemouth Pier. 
 Keywords: View of Pier, Bournemouth, sand beach, sea, grass, cliffs, blue sky,
untitled 2014 0121 IMG 4192 
 CN Tower 
 Keywords: CN Tower, one tower block, skyscraper, cranes, blue sky, full view,
untitled 2014 0121 IMG 4194 
 CN Tower 
 Keywords: Cn tower between two skyscrapers, tower blocks, blue sky, top part view,
untitled 2014 0121 IMG 4196 
 Towers and cranes 
 Keywords: Toronto, towers, building, skyscrapers, condos, flats, cranes, blue sky background,
2013 08 201311-06-53 MG 1360 ©HazelMaxted 
 Keywords: View across, St. Lawrence estuary, clouds, blue sky, island, trees, hills
2013 08 201311-07-03 MG 1363 ©HazelMaxted 
 St Lawrence 
 Keywords: View across, St. Lawrence estuary, clouds, blue sky, island, trees, hills, village, near Troix Pistole,

WEATHER (2 files)

Sunsets,sunrise, storms, snow, rainbows, lightening, snow storms,
MG 06441112014-01-27 
 Snow drift. 
 Keywords: Snow drift, under hedge, tree, blue sky, deep, white, sculpture, blowing snow, clouds,
MG 06531202014-01-27 
 Cow trail. 
 Keywords: View,single black cow trailing through deep snow, Northumberland Hills, blue sky, large snow covered field, hills, trees,

Wildlife (1 file)

Wildlife & Nature. Beaver, white tail deer & fawn, snapping turtle, otter, ducks, geese, fox, squirrel.
MG 7930 
 Geese under the blue moon. 
 Keywords: Geese flying beneath a blue moon as two moons in a month is rare. Taken just after the dawn photo.