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Farming practices,animals and machinery.
MG 0563 
 Trio of Llamas. 
 Keywords: Trio, three Llamas, standing, long grass, cream coloured,
MG 3619 
 Buffalo calf. 
 Keywords: Farmed Water Buffalo calf, black, grass, ear tagged,standing,
MG 5968 
 Tractor planting seed. 
 Keywords: Old David Brown tractor planting grass seed. Canada.

BIRDS (6 files)

Pelicans swimming/ preening themselves. Canadian birds. Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Ruby throated hummingbirds, meadow larks,
MG 3675 
 Keywords: Beak, grey, fluffy, grass, close up, young swans, cygnets, pair,
MG 3676 
 Keywords: Swan and Cygnets, young, grass, nestled,
MG 4684 
 Mallard Duck 
 Keywords: Mallard, Anus Plantyrhynchos, green, webbed,feet, grass, standing,yellow, beak,bill,
MG 9217 
 Canadian goose on nest. 
 Keywords: Canada goose sitting tight on nest, warning off look, black eyes staring, behind grass.
MG 9217 - Version 2 
 Keep off. 
 Keywords: Close up of Canada goose sitting tight on nest, warning off look, black eyes staring, behind grass.
2013 11 201311-16-21 MG 1585 ©HazelMaxted 
 Blue jay 
 Keywords: Two jays, perched on dead sunflower stems, blue, beaks, grasses,

HORSES (1 file)

Horses. Mare & foal.
Farrier fitting shoes. Horse in snow. Working horses in harness.
2013 09 201319-54-37 MG 1052 ©HazelMaxted 
 Ripley sunset 
 Keywords: Chestnut, red, horse, white blaze, socks, sunset, corn, grass, clover, walking,

PLACES (4 files)

View of the river and church spire Stratford Upon Avon.
London eye views and Eros statue.
Views of the Northumberland Hills, Ontario. Healy Falls and lock gates. Quebec, Prasq'ile Park.
IMG 1114 
 Bridge near the Arun. 
 Keywords: Brick bridge, over disused canal, water, reeds, grass, trees, arch
MG 4175 
 Keywords: Spring, lane, footpath, gates, flowering,trees, grass,
MG 4606 
 Tree tunnel 
 Keywords: country,lane,trees,shaped,tunnel, green, grass, road, verge,
MG 6712 
 View of Bournemouth Pier. 
 Keywords: View of Pier, Bournemouth, sand beach, sea, grass, cliffs, blue sky,


Safari animals. Giraffe, zebra, rhino, ostrich, monkey, wolf, tiger, deer.
MG 2800 
 Keywords: Rhino eating grass.
MG 3054 
 Preening monkeys. 
 Keywords: Two monkeys, sitting in leaves and grass, preening.
MG 3132 
 Keywords: Lioness laying down, on grass, staring straight at you.
MG 3146 
 Black and white Leam. 
 Keywords: Black & white lema, standing on grass.