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BIRDS (2 files)

Pelicans swimming/ preening themselves. Canadian birds. Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Ruby throated hummingbirds, meadow larks,
MG 3675 
 Keywords: Beak, grey, fluffy, grass, close up, young swans, cygnets, pair,
MG 8805 
 Male and female Cardinal bird. 
 Keywords: Red male cardinal bird, female cardinal as a pair.

HORSES (1 file)

Horses. Mare & foal.
Farrier fitting shoes. Horse in snow. Working horses in harness.
MG 8696 
 Horse in the snow 
 Keywords: pair grey working horses in harness


Safari animals. Giraffe, zebra, rhino, ostrich, monkey, wolf, tiger, deer.
MG 2987 
 Pair of Barbarry ape Monkeys. 
 Keywords: Pair Barberry ape monkeys sat, staring on leaves.

Wildlife (2 files)

Wildlife & Nature. Beaver, white tail deer & fawn, snapping turtle, otter, ducks, geese, fox, squirrel.
MG 4083 
 Keywords: Pair of Mallard ducks.
MG 4104 
 Keywords: Pair of Canada geese on the edge of a pond.