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BIRDS (5 files)

Pelicans swimming/ preening themselves. Canadian birds. Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Ruby throated hummingbirds, meadow larks,
MG 2464722014-03-08 
 Keywords: Downy woodpecker,(Picoides pubescens) climbing up tree trunk
MG 3675 
 Keywords: Beak, grey, fluffy, grass, close up, young swans, cygnets, pair,
MG 3839 
 Keywords: Great Horned Owl, close up, eyes, ears,
MG 8654 
 Blue Jay. 
 Keywords: Blue Jay puffed up in the cold. Perched in Rhus bush.
MG 9217 - Version 2 
 Keep off. 
 Keywords: Close up of Canada goose sitting tight on nest, warning off look, black eyes staring, behind grass.

CATS (1 file)

British shorthair cat showing "M" marking/teeth/eyes./ Cat in the snow.
MG 3315 
 Ginger cat in deep snow. 
 Keywords: Ginger cat going up hill in snow.


Cobourg fish lift. Lifting the fish over the weir at the mill in Cobourg.
MG 5774 
 Moving the trout in tha annual Cobourg fish lift. 
 Keywords: Driving the trout up towards the weir.


Pictures of fish jumping up the fish ladder and in the river.
2013 09 201316-57-31 MG 0892 ©HazelMaxted 
 Salmon up into falls. 
 Keywords: Salmon leaping into the fish ladder, out of Ganaraska River, Port Hope, Ontario, Water fall, whole fish view nearly at top of fall.
2013 09 201317-30-19 MG 0918 ©HazelMaxted 
 Salmon collecting. 
 Keywords: Lots of salmon waiting to go up fish ladder, Port Hope, Ganaraska River. Shallow water.

FLOWERS (1 file)

Spring garden flowers, wild milk weed pod. Macro shots tulips.
MG 7585 - Version 2 
 White butterfly on lavender. 
 Keywords: white, butterfly, purple, lavender, close up, antenna.

HORSES (1 file)

Horses. Mare & foal.
Farrier fitting shoes. Horse in snow. Working horses in harness.
MG 2810 - Version 3 
 Nailing on. 
 Keywords: Close up of nailing on hind shoe.

PEOPLE (1 file)

The Queen's visit to Startford Upon Avon .
Portrait of a teenager.
MG 7398 
 Ball coming. 
 Keywords: Teenager, looking up, blue, sun, lake, water, head and shoulders,

PLACES (3 files)

View of the river and church spire Stratford Upon Avon.
London eye views and Eros statue.
Views of the Northumberland Hills, Ontario. Healy Falls and lock gates. Quebec, Prasq'ile Park.
WF FEST.HEALYFALLS06.13 2013 07 201309-37-29 MG 0397 ©HazelMaxted 
 Healy Falls 
 Keywords: boat going up stream in lock massive gates blue Healey Falls
untitled 2014 0121 IMG 4186 
 Road traffic Toronto 
 Keywords: Traffic on road, CN Tower in background, flats, towers, cars, traffic, build up, congestion,
2013 08 201313-55-38 MG 0519 ©HazelMaxted 
 Keywords: close up shot life boat, front windows, white, black, Canada,

Wildlife (2 files)

Wildlife & Nature. Beaver, white tail deer & fawn, snapping turtle, otter, ducks, geese, fox, squirrel.
MG 7933 
 Beaver in the wild. 
 Keywords: Wild beaver sat up sniffing the air.
MG 7951 
 Wild beaver. 
 Keywords: close up of wild beaver eating.