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WEATHER (1 file)

Sunsets,sunrise, storms, snow, rainbows, lightening, snow storms,
MG 7935 
 Sunrise with the geese in the mist. 
 Keywords: Dawn, sunrise, geese, rising, mist, golden hues,

Wildlife (3 files)

Wildlife & Nature. Beaver, white tail deer & fawn, snapping turtle, otter, ducks, geese, fox, squirrel.
MG 4104 
 Keywords: Pair of Canada geese on the edge of a pond.
MG 7930 
 Geese under the blue moon. 
 Keywords: Geese flying beneath a blue moon as two moons in a month is rare. Taken just after the dawn photo.
MG 7937 
 Canadian geese in the mist at sunrise. 
 Keywords: Geese rising from the mist at dawn as the sun appears.

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